About the Author

Brief Bio: Susan V. Ficht

Second Edition:  “A Time to Heal” God’s Way Through your Hurts and Losses

Roles: Wife, mother of two, grandmother (aka) Beach Grammy of four etc. , etc.,

Interests: Bible study, writing poetry and Bible studies; painting, creating hand painted purses, Ministry Leader of ‘A Time to Heal Ministries”, Church Counselor, love to take pictures, loves the ocean and the mountains and love to travel. God sure created a beautiful world!

Education: BA in Psychology, I think I will be a life-long student, working on a Master’s

Work: Bible study leader since 1991, Publisher, Artist

Early life: to be continued!!

In 1991 I rewrote the Post abortion Bible study “Women of Ramah” ; authored by Linda Cochrane to be used for other hurts and losses. The new book was titled, “A Time to Heal”. Self-published in 1994

Linda’s original study changed my life, my counselor ( he was amazed my what happened to me during the study, this is a long story. . . )  encouraged me to rewrite the material.  My first thought was what are you thinking?  I don’t even know her. But God had a plan and Linda and I met. When I told her what my counselor said, she said “Yes”. That was in 1991. God works in amazing ways. Her post-abortion study continues to bring healing to those who have had an abortion. And our prayer is that “A Time to Heal” will also bring deep healing to those who have suffered other losses. The power of God’s word to bring healing and hope to those who are hurting.