Time to heal

Time to Heal is a 13 week study that will meet you at the point of your deepest need and will encourage you to look honestly at the areas in your life that need to be healed. God's word will help you disover and apply His answers to your heartfelt questions. The class will meet weekly and you will have personal, and introspective "homework" throughout the week. 


  • A safe and confidential setting in a small group of supportive people.
  • A place to study and apply God's Word.
  • A place to belong in community. No more living life alone.
  • A place to share past and current hurts.
  • A place where you are free to be yourself. 


Our Invitation

Is it going to be easy? No! But God does not ask you to do it alone. He walks with you every single step of the way. He is the one to bring conviction and forgiveness - not condemnation. 

We invite you to experience God's healing power to mend and restore your life. Let us walk alongside you as you embrace the joy and freedom He longs to bring you. Through the truth of His Word, God will meet you where you are at the point of you deepest need and compassionately lead you to examine the areas of your life that need to be healed. 

PEACE, JOY and WHOLENESS await you!
— Time to Heal participant

Two Ways to Deal with your losses


    The Worlds Way........................................................God's Way

  • Don't talk about your feelings
  • Replace the loss
  • Grieve alone
  • Time heals
  • Live with regret
  • Never trust again
  • Feel and express your feelings
  • Acknowledge the loss 
  • Grieve in community
  • The Holy Spirit heals
  • Express your regret
  • You matter to God